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Keep in mind, as Bradley states in his blog, that darker colors carry more visual weight and may be seen first, but that highly saturated colors attract a lot of attention, and are perceived as energetic.

What a beautiful place to be, in the eye of the storm.

Think about the questions you would ask and his answers.

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It also finds the most viral content on Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter, which you can then scrape and schedule as your own social media posts.

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If the file passes, it’s automatically forwarded to the next stage of production for a truly seamless digital workflow.

For example, two complementary colors of similar hue next to each other may create too much of a “vibrating edge” which is unpleasant to the eye.

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When we go to see a film to the theater, are we aware of the fact and truth that every single aspect of the set has been carefully designed by an art director and his conceptions.

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and wrote for Lifetime Television, MTV, and Mar Vista Entertainment.

The top is considered to be the unit while deciding on the proportion.

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This one sounds easy, but here's the question you would ask to reveal this trait; "What things have you written to advance your business or your industry?" A single passionate employee with the right skills can take a company from good to great.

And for all the hype, the online world is not any easier or affordable for small businesses. Marketing emails end up unread in the spam bin. Search engine pay per click advertising can quickly add up. And the sobering reality remains that a small business’s advertising budget simply cannot compete with a Fortune 500 company’s vast financial resources. At the same time, Americans’ spending patterns are changing. In these tough economic times, the majority of Americans are living a simpler life, scaling back on big purchases, spending less, and saving more. Adjusting your company to this new economic reality is not as easy as simply lowering price points. The average American customer is now an expert at online comparison shopping — whether it’s finding the biggest sale on a product, locating coupons or comparing service costs. And it’s not just product comparisons that customers are researching. With limited resources, your customers want to ensure they get the biggest bang for their buck and purchase from companies they know they can trust. Marketing today is as much about being a trusted, respected corporate citizen as it is about understanding the latest social media buzz.

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Franklin was the first to utilize logos, which were early symbols that announced such services as opticians by displaying golden spectacles.